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Frequently asked questions

Do you need legal advice or are you looking for a reliable partner to guide you through the legal landscape, but still have doubts or unanswered questions? Take a look below in the overview of the most frequently asked questions, who knows you will find the answer you are looking for.

That is not possible. Lawyers are bound by their professional secrecy and the secret of the criminal investigation. There can be no certainty by telephone about the identity of the person with whom the lawyer is speaking, so that he or she cannot provide details of the findings in a criminal case by telephone.

It is of course possible to make an appointment by telephone with the office for a personal discussion of the state of affairs of the file.

There is no clear answer to that question. There are two ways to prepare a cost statement.

The first option is an hourly rate. You will be invoiced for the hours that were actually worked on the file.

In addition, there is the possibility to agree on a total amount during the first conversations. This then depends on, among other things, complexity and urgency.

The office does not, in principle, accept legal second-line legal assistance files, with the exception of persons in prison.

If you have taken out legal assistance insurance, it will be checked whether the performance of the office is paid for by the insurer.

Yes. It often happens that a regular client comes to the door with a legal problem that does not fall under the heading of criminal law – criminal procedural law – traffic law. If applicable, the office uses a network of specialized lawyers to properly handle your case. The communication continues through the office that follows your file.